Choose to See The Good

In the world of education you are going to have your share of bad days.  There are going to be times when students make poor decisions and absolutely drive you crazy!  There are going to be times when you think you have really gotten through to a class or a particular student and then when you assess their understanding you realize that they missed the mark completely.

These are the days when feel emotionally drained as the final bell rings and you start to wonder how much you can really take.  You start to question why it seems so hard to see the difference you were hoping to make.  This list goes on and on and on.  You really could plug in a thousand different forms of negative self talk to fit your situation, unfortunately the result is always the same.

You start to feel sorry for yourself, you blame the students, their parents, lack of funding, and make any number of excuses why this part of your life is lacking right now.


The trouble with this type of thinking is that if you string enough of these days together you actually start to believe it.  Those long days become weeks, then months, then semesters, then school years, then your whole teaching career.  You have told yourself this sob story so many times that it becomes your reality.

Life is way too short to live your entire working life in this negative state!  You must find a way to stay away from this mindset.  The good news is that it really is up to what you choose to see in each and every day that defines your mindset.  This little act of choosing can redefine how you see your students, yourself, your colleagues, and your future in education.

It goes like this:

First you choose to see the good today.  Something good happens in everyday, every teaching situation, but you have to choose to see it most of the time.  The more and more you choose to see the good you start to crowd out all the negative stuff that used to occupy your mind.  The cool part is that if you string enough of these kinds of positive days together, they too become weeks, months, semesters, school years, and eventually an extremely successful career as an educator.

Wow, an entire career reset in one paragraph?  Well at the least a start in the right direction, lets be real with each other!

The choice is really up to you.  The choice has nothing to do with your students, your administrators, your legislators, or whoever you like to blame your circumstances on.

Like you have heard me say before, the time is now to make your choice!  Stop living below your potential and start living the good life.  Share this with anyone who is struggling with this type of mindset right now.  Happy choosing!

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