Check out these amazing resources to help you become a better educator!

Exercise Resources:

Fitness Blender :  This site is awesome for workout videos and resources to help keep you healthy.  And its FREE!  They allow you to select your level, equipment, time, body area, etc. to find a workout that meets your needs.  Check them out for great stuff!

Nutrition Resources:

Harvard’s Nutrition Source :  This is a great site to get research based nutrition information and they do an awesome job at keeping it simple.  There is so much conflicting information on nutrition out there and this is a great home base.  Check them out!

Productivity Resources:

Google for Education Training : This is an amazing resource for all educators to get more comfortable with Google’s suite of productivity tools.  If you are only familiar with Gmail then you definitely need to check this out!  I use Google Classroom as my Learning Management System and love Google’s tools all around.  They have certifications for teachers at very reasonable prices as well to help put you on the map!

Financial Resources:

As an educator you need to have access to great financial information if you hope to make any headway on the financial front.  Some recommended resources are coming shortly!

Jordan Hadlock Website:  Head over to my personal and family site where we are dedicated to helping you and your family become more healthy and productive.  This will be very useful for all educators but does not have the education specific content that you find here at The Healthy Educator.  See you there!