The Real Reason We Need Healthy Teachers

I used to argue that the reason we needed our teachers to be as healthy as possible was to increase their productivity in order to drive better results with our students.  This is certainly part of the equation and a worthy pursuit.  We absolutely need to increase our productivity if it means we are better able to serve our students, but this is a byproduct to the bigger picture.

As I write that it sounds a bit ironic that I would say increased productivity and better results for students is only a byproduct, but it is absolutely true.

We need healthy teachers because they owe that gift to themselves and their family.  This has to be the primary focus first or even the noblest of pursuits with our students fall short.  No matter how we try to argue it away, self leadership always precedes group leadership.  There is no more place this holds true than in your school and classrooms.

As educators it seems we are ingrained with this notion that we can and should sacrifice everything for our students, including ourselves and our families.  While this sounds noble on the surface it is short circuiting the real success with your students.

The amount of personal power and control you maintain on a daily basis is directly proportional to what you will be able to accomplish with your students.

This is the the real reason we need healthy teachers!

Teachers empowered with energy, discernment, and the ability to manage themselves in one of the toughest professions there is.

If you find yourself struggling to maintain all that life has to throw at you in education, it is time to start looking in the mirror and start managing yourself and your family.  The teaching will take care of itself.

As you already know, happy and empowered teachers make great teachers, and great teachers change lives.

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