Do you feel like you are still leading your life to where you want to go?

I am Jordan Hadlock, I am a teacher, coach, husband and father and I know how you feel!  I have worked in public schools for the last decade as a health and physical education teacher, coach, personal trainer and athletic trainer.  I also work as an online Instructor for Brigham Young University teaching health and wellness courses. I am passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves so they can lead in their world and the lives of others!

The Healthy Educator Jordan Hadlock

I have spent the last ten years working to help others become more healthy and coach them to a better place in their lives.  I have extensive training through my undergraduate and graduate work along with working for individuals to help them find balance and happiness in the world of education and their personal lives.

I love working with individuals who feel like they are stressed and burned out as they strive to help their students and families excel.  I will help you return to your core foundations of why you became a teacher and equip you with the personal tools necessary to start loving your life, your profession, and those you work with!

I work with educators through one on one coaching, online member groups, and my online school, The Healthy Educator.  I distribute content through our blog, podcast, social media channels, and our online courses. I love the advantages of technology and how this allows me to work with teachers around the world!  One on one coaching takes place via web-conferencing and you can look forward to our new member portal coming soon!  If you prefer to learn at your own pace then our online school, The Healthy Educator, is the place for you!

If you feel like you are stuck and struggle to get through each day, each week, or each school year, but still have the desire to make a difference to those in your world, then The Healthy Educator is for you!  Sign up for our teacher life tips, join me in coaching, or check out our online courses at The Healthy Educator School. I look forward to helping you become the best version of yourself and start to make the difference you know you can!

  • Bachelors of Science:  Brigham Young University

    • Physical Education Teaching/Coaching​

    • Athletic Training

  • Masters of Education: Utah State University

    • Health/Physical Education/Recreation​

  • 10 Years as an educator

    • Certified in Utah, Wyoming, Michigan, Washington​

  • 8 Years as a personal trainer coaching people to be better versions of themselves!