• Jordan

31. Choosing Distraction Over Success

We often think that every time we are distracted at work it is because of our environment.

We do have a lot of people trying to get our attention but a large majority of the time we are choosing to be distracted.

This has so many implications it is pretty sad.

We have talked a lot about how our digital environment is setting us up for success or failure based on how we have that environment set up.

I wonder how many times we choose to interrupt what we are doing because we don’t really want to work.

We use social media and other forms of digital input so often as a buffer to our not wanting to feel the pressure of work.

Every time you check in with social media it takes a full 20-25 minutes to get your brain back on track to where it was before you purposefully derailed it.

If you are ready to work, then work!

You and your students deserve better!

When it comes to focused work we need to understand that our attention is so fragmented already in the school environment that we are going to have to design specific focused work blocks and intentionally block out distractions.

If you have planned time to work then we really need to work on not choosing to distract yourself.

This really means we need first own the fact that you are choosing distraction most of the time.

You might need to not have your phone around when you are working.

As crazy as that sounds you can survive without constant access to your phone!

I have found as I work with people that the access isn’t really the issue. Most of the time we really just don’t want to work as focused as we like to think.

If you really want to take yourself and your life to the next level you are going to have to take drastic measures sometimes!

Guess what?

It’s time to start showing up as a better version of ourselves put our whole souls into whatever work we are engaged in.

If you are struggling finding that passion to pursue this level in your life then come work with me!

I can help you get that passion back!