• Jordan

32. Zero Inbox Mentality

I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people in my time working and I have also had the opportunity of seeing some of the craziest email inboxes!

Some are super organized and operate at an organization level to rival the Gods!

Some however have literally thousands of messages in their email inbox!

Depending on your role in education you will get either mountains of emails daily or just a few. Most of the time we don’t get tons of spam email directly to our inbox and so most email we see requires at least some of our time and attention.

This is just the way our world of communication works and we need to be okay with using email to communicate.

If we fall into the group though that has hundreds or thousands of emails in our inbox then we are never going to be as productive or efficient in our lives.

I propose that we operate in a zero inbox mentality in regards to our email.

This is a reflection of our minds much more than we know.

Our ability to actually manage and complete tasks or to discern what is important and what is not are some of the most valuable mental productivity tools we have.

Our ability to manage our minds is the greatest resource we have in education and the ability to manage your inbox is simply an extension of how we manage your mind.

With a zero inbox mentality we set very specific boundaries about how we manage our email inbox.

Our goal is to clear our inbox every day and not have tasks left that spill over to the next day.

In reality there might be certain things that need to expand beyond a day but they shouldn’t be hanging out in our inbox very long.

In order to actually accomplish this I would set at least 2-3 very specific times to process your email tasks and messages.

One of these should be at the very end of your workday to make sure your inbox is clear before you leave.

I have heard of different ways to actually separate and discern what to do with your email messages categorically but ultimately this comes down to how you manage your mind and want to approach this. Just develop a system that works for you that can actually stick with!

If we are able to really clear our inbox and in turn our mind each day we are much better able to show up as the best version of ourselves without all the extra emotional stress of knowing there is a bunch of tasks hanging over our heads.

For some of us with thousands of messages we might need to start fresh with a clean sweep and others will just need a little refreshing.

Either way, this is a great method to make sure we are getting things done and showing up at home and at school as a better version of ourselves!