• Jordan

34. Work Life Balance Impossibility

In our last post we talked about our tendency to compartmentalize our lives and the way we hear about this most is the idea of work/life balance.

I really think this comes from the idea that we work because we have to and work always sucks.

Because of us choosing thoughts like this we feel the need to separate this negative side of our life from everything else.

Hence we end up with work, and then the rest of our lives.

I really do understand the logical argument here, but our work is a huge part of our life and sometimes has such a large affect on our families and relationships that we need to learn to see it differently.

If our thoughts about work and life are always separated then our ability to connect this meaningful part of our life to our whole selves becomes diminished.

Our brains really don’t fragment very well and it would serve us to be doing well in all areas of our life.

When it comes to our actual “job,” the idea that the thing we spend the majority of our day is the worst part of our day makes for a very miserable life as well.

The actual amount of time spent is another side of this issue but really this comes down to how much mental and emotional energy is required of us in these different areas.

The better we are performing in each of the different life accounts we have, the better all other areas are as well.

The effect starts to not be a net negative draining experience and it turns into a positive fueling relationship where each area/account is serving every other area and we are bolstered rather than weighed down.

The idea of having a great life balance and all areas feeding each other really is possible and I can help you on your road to this reality.

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