• Jordan

35. Seeing Our Whole Self

The more and more I work with people I am beginning to see how few people really know themselves.

We are really good at portraying ourselves as other people see us.

We are really good at being what other people want us to be.

We are very good at looking outward and seeing the reflection of ourselves in others and then mirroring it back.

I wonder how often we take the time to look inward to see who we “really” are.

It is going to be extremely hard to really open up and share yourself with someone else if you don’t truly have yourself in the first place.

Next to impossible really.

So where does that leave us?

Our ability to see our whole selves and who we really are without walls in certain situations is such a valuable resource!

This opens all kinds of doors for connections with those around us in education.

People connect way better with “real” people than a caged version of us.

This really starts to touch into vulnerability and even though that can be tough we really need to start being real with others.

Our families and colleagues and students can track when we are being real or not.

Most of the time we are not doing this intentionally but we just like to please those around us so we are great at conforming to what people think of us rather than creating the vision of ourselves with intentionality.

If we start to grasp ourselves on a deeper level we become more comfortable connecting with those around us because we are standing on our own two feet, regardless of what they think.

This increased connection actually allows us to affect those around us in a more meaningful way.

All the superficial talk and connection will never get us to the level to actually teach and make change matter.

So, do you feel like you really know yourself?

Do you feel like you have a good enough grasp of yourself that you can share yourself with those around you, regardless of their reaction to who you really are?

I think it’s time to get to know yourself.

The best version of yourself requires this step.

Your ability to actually teach meaningfully requires this step.

Your relationships now and in the future require this step.

I can help you figure this out if you feel a little lost. Come work with me!