• Jordan

36. Simplification and Future Decisions

I haven’t yet come across any educators with too little to do in my entire career.

We are usually inundated with so many tasks that the idea of needing more work to do is laughable.

If this is the status of pretty much everyone in education it would make sense to really try and free up time in my book.

One of the most valuable practices I have instituted is the process of editing your life.

In order to accomplish the most valuable things with our limited time we really need to go through each and every thing we actually do in life and eliminate any unnecessary practices to get our life as simple as possible while still achieving the maximum result.

This maximum result does not always mean more, and most often will mean less.

We are simply narrowing our focus to the most important things.

The process of doing the right things, at the right time, in the right mind frame will make all the difference in your life and career.

Once we have eliminated all of the clutter and unnecessary things from our lives we can start planning to create an amazing life by making as many decisions for ourselves before we actually reach the decision point.

I have already talked several times about the idea of decision debt and our ability to have the clarity necessary to make the best possible decisions.

This is exactly why we need to make more decisions before we actually face them!

If our brain is in a clear and non pressured state while making the majority of our decisions we have a much higher chance of making better aligned decisions with our goals and values.

We are great at planning our goals and defining our values on paper but the process of future decision making is really what allows those goals to come to fruition and keeps us in alignment with our values.

If you have a desire to become better and show up better each and every day then you really need to adopt these two practices!

The practice of simplification and editing out any unnecessary practices in our lives is really freeing for educators.

Take the time to make as many future decisions now in order to simplify all the areas of your life.

Find what works, go with it, and get stuff done!

If you need help making this a reality for you in your life then come work with me.

I love helping educators get their power back and look forward to working with you!