• Jordan

37. Healthy is not something we do, but something we become and are!

I often ask students how they know whether they are healthy or not.

They usually respond with something about weight or not having a disease.

I usually follow up with a question about what weight or lack of disease defines their health status and if it was possible to be unhealthy with a low body weight and no apparent disease.

This concept is really hard for them to understand as teenagers but we usually are not a whole lot different in our approach as adults.

The way we approach our health is often defined by number based goals or the way we look.

Having a destination we are seeking is such an important step in all areas of our life but we need to be careful in how we define the end goal.

When it comes to our health we are better off thinking of this as a journey and not a destination.

Getting healthy is not something we do, it is who we become!

A temporary band aid of weight loss, accomplishment, or running the race is an amazing step in the process of our development but shouldn’t be the end goal.

I even hear people often speak about how they are going to get healthy with a new program but when I ask about how they know when they have arrived at “healthy” it becomes hard to define.

The best version of ourselves should always include optimal health on some scale but this becoming who we are rather than a thing we do is vital.

Things we do are temporary, they can be valuable steps to becoming, but still only steps. If you are seeking to “become” someone better you are going to need to engage in lifelong engagement of the process of being healthy.

The definition of healthy should be personal and unique but something that is sustainable forever.

Once we become it shifts from a daily decision to engage in certain behaviors to established habits, systems, and routines correctly aligned with our values and who now are.

I wish you well on your lifelong journey towards becoming healthy and showing up as the best version of yourself for yourself, your family, and your students!

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