• Jordan

39. Empathy Fatigue in Education

In education we have a very important role in taking care of so many people around us everyday.

This role is so vital in the lives of our students and really can be one of the most rewarding roles we get to fill as an educator.

When we work so hard to take care of all those around us it feels great most of the time!

We learn so much about ourselves in our pursuit of helping others which can be a great thing.

However, as educators we need to beware of empathy fatigue in our lives.

This is basically when we are so worried about everyone around us that it wears on our emotional state to the point of it being detrimental.

It is time to practice a little self care and realize you are the most important piece in this life puzzle!

This process of actually showing empathy towards others takes so much emotional energy that even though rewarding there is a grave danger in too much of a good thing here.

This really can develop into one of the most scary catch 22 situations we face in education.

If we don’t show up as the best version of ourselves they we really won’t connect and change those we teach.

On the flip side though, if we constantly show up as the hero and put all of our emotional energy into the kids then we are going to burn ourselves to ashes! Not to mention all of our relationships outside of school, our personal lives, health and so on.

If we really are able to pay attention to ourselves first then our ability to show more empathy is increased and our longevity in our career is increased.

Rather than viewing this as a catch 22 at all, I think we are better off seeing ourselves as not just one piece of the puzzle but more as the only piece of the puzzle.

This is not a self aggrandizing way of thinking but rather a more outward approach to self care. We begin taking care of ourselves so that all areas of our lives and the lives of those we serve become enhanced all around.

If you find yourself struggling and thinking that you are too busy or too stressed to take care of yourself then come work with me!

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Remember you are worth the struggle!