• Jordan

40. People, Not Objects

In most business interactions we are conditioned to think about whatever product we are selling as the vital focus of our interactions.

And rightly so, for the most part our entire job is to make that product fit into the needs and lives of those we are serving.

Education is different though.

We all know this on the surface and we “know” that our product is the students or the learning of the students.

The trouble comes when we try to focus our efforts like business minded folks and all of our goals, strategies, and initiatives are focused on a result that doesn’t take into account that we are working with people, not objects!

If you want to affect change in all those around you it is vital that you learn to see all of those around you as people.

These people are not objects, or problems to be solved, or obstacles in your way.

These people are the ENTIRE reason you are doing what you are doing!

It is time in education to open our eyes and see each other for who we all are!

Of course this is vital in our view of students, but also in our view of the colleagues we get to work with as well.

People do not like to be managed, controlled, or manipulated, period!

We are going to have to stop constantly thinking about our own agenda and how these people either fit into our system or not.

We need to start seeing what the real needs of the individuals are if we want to move the needle in education.

This starts with you!

When you feel the urge to speak about a student as an object or an inconvenience, remember why you are doing what you are doing.

Remember that the best way to accomplish anything with that student is to see their real needs.

Remember to give your colleague the benefit of the doubt because their life is probably just as hard as yours.

I plead with you to remember you are working with people!

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