• Jordan

42. The Game of School

I have seen several experiences where teachers and students are caught in this endless game of collusion in school.

It is so frustrating for everyone involved!

I will write more about collusion at another time but the game of school can be so detrimental if we aren’t careful in how we play it.

If we stop and ask ourselves why we are doing the things we are doing in our lives and especially in education it can really help us to not get stuck in the game.

If you find yourself doing something “just because that’s how we have always done it” then you are probably stuck in the game.

If you are more concerned with students doing everything “your way” than you are with them actually learning then you are stuck in the game.

If you find yourself sticking it to a student just because they come across as difficult and you are going to have them hold the line then you are probably stuck in the game.

Students get stuck in the game too and they are experts at learning how to play your game as a teacher and then skate by without learning anything because they played the game.

This becomes evident in grade chasing and point counting.

The sad part though is that most intentional non-learners have consciously chosen to not play the game of school anymore.

That choice is seen as an attack by most educators and we try to force them back into the game in the name of a little success.

I totally get that they need success but maybe we need to redefine what the game looks like.

Remember we are working with people who really don’t like to be coerced or manipulated into doing stuff they don’t like doing.

Most of us are conditioned from our own school experience and then from years of being around other teachers to play the game of school.

We really need to redefine the rules of this game if you want to make the difference you desire and start getting your power back in education!

If you need help getting yourself out of the game of education then I’ve got you!

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