• Jordan

44. Self Deception as Educators

Our lives are going to be filled with constant problems and our brain thrives on this idea. It is precisely built to figure out solutions to problems and then find the most efficient way to arrive at the solution.

The problem with this truth about our brains is that it is constantly looking outward for all of the solutions.

Unfortunately this is just not going to be the case most of the time.

We are often one of the biggest parts of every problem we face in our lives. There are always two sides to every story but we can only address our side of the issue.

When we understand that our control is only over those things within ourselves we can really start to make headway to proper and permanent solutions.

Thinking that all of our problems in school are outside of us is one of the biggest problems we face as educators.

The primary form of self deception we experience in education is not owning up to our role in each of the problems we face each day.

We really need to stop engaging in acts of self deception if we really want to love our career in education!

We are inundated with voices all around us that say all of the problems in education are out of our control. I really don’t believe this is the case. We have way more control than we imagine in our lives, even in education.

When we behave contrary to what we know we should we betray our internal compass and this creates our most basic form of self deception.

We almost immediately start to justify why we did what we did and blame the act on someone or something else. This act of justification is one of our first indicators that we are in a state of self deception.

Pause for a minute and think about all the times we do and say things that are contrary to our true selves.

How often every day do you justify all of the little things we do in education. It always starts with little things and then those little things grow into our metaphorical molehills we perceive as impassable mountains.

Before you know it you aren’t showing up as the best version of yourself because of every possible issue you can think of.

Once everything outside of us changes then we will start to show up as a better teacher, we tell ourselves.

This sounds efficient to our brains, but it is completely false!

We so often don’t have control over anything we are blaming our lives on.

This is a dark and wandering feeling.

I much prefer to control what I can control and that starts with my mind. I urge you to do the same.

Start analyzing why you are doing the things you do and see where you are practicing self deception in your life.

I am here for you!

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