• Jordan

45. Collusion in Education

In our last post we talked about how easy it is to get caught up in self deception and today we are going to talk about the most natural cousin of self deception, collusion.

It is almost a guarantee that once we start to become self deceived it is going to lead us into collusion if we don’t see it coming.

Most of us are so used to self deception without knowing it that in order to justify ourselves and bring us back into alignment with our values we have to collude with someone else in order to have someone to blame our actions on.

There is always another side to every story and if you are in the habit of colluding with your students or colleagues in creating bad habits and relationships then it is time to stop!

The pattern of “I’ll mistreat you, if you’ll mistreat me, so I have justification to continue mistreating and blaming my problems on someone else,” has no place in education or in your life!

We really need to start understanding that we are playing a significant role in what we have created our life to be, even our biggest problems!

Even if someone seems to be the biggest problem in our life we can only control what our part in the problem has been if we desire to have any effect on the overall situation.

We have no power to change others by coercion, manipulation or even persuasion.

We can only address our side of the equation and the natural pull of us becoming the best version of ourselves will pull those around us up and to a better station themselves.

This route of addressing ourselves and refusing to collude with others in destructive patterns is so hard!

It is so much better, but so extremely hard.

We are so much more comfortable with this pattern of collusion that most of us choose to stay in this state most of our lives and careers in education.


Let’s start choosing the hard road out of self deception and collusion in our lives.

This is going to start with us recognizing when we engage in both self deception and collusion and then we have to have the courage to fight those promptings and engage better within ourselves.

I have got you on this one!

Come work with me so we can analyze those situations and thoughts in your life!

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