• Jordan

46. Saving Time By Failing

When I ask people what their biggest fear is one of the most common responses I get is that people are afraid of failure.

I have students label themselves as failures even though they are extremely young.

Some even just plan on failing at almost everything as though they are consigned to never progressing beyond failing in their lives.

On some levels it is understandable that we are all afraid of failure to some extent because we have equated a failed experience with us not being enough and that we are a failure rather than not accomplishing something yet.

Connecting our personal worth to the outcomes in our life has nothing but detrimental consequences.

If we think about the whirlwind of the past few months we have all failed miserably at so many things that if we followed this pattern we would all be nothing!

I think there is a way better way to view failure.

We are taught with a growth mindset that failure is just the path to learning and this is how all of us grow.

This is totally true but I want to take it one step further.

Brooke Castillo said,

“One of the best ways to save time is to fail.”

Knowing which paths are not correct is almost just as valuable as knowing the correct one. Always knowing the answer and which path is the safe one is really not reality and when we think it should be we are in trouble.

I really think most of us are looking for the safe and easy route when we are trying to avoid failure.

We think that everyone else has it easier and they found some secret to success and we must have just missed the boat.

I see this sometimes with new teachers who are struggling with a student and they wonder why it is always so hard!

They just can’t see that more experienced teachers have failed so many times with struggling students that they lost count years ago.

It is time to get out there and start failing your way to success!

You will learn more about yourself and your career by pushing beyond your limits than you ever will staying within them!

When we combine the possibility of learning from all the mistakes with knowing which paths are wrong, we start to see that the path of failure is really the best path for all of us to save time and start showing up as better versions of ourselves.

I have failed so many times in so many ways that I can help you with managing this one.

Come sign up to work with me and take my newest course Rekindle Your Fire to accelerate your growth by failing a little more!

I am excited to work with you!