• Jordan

47. Fixing Everything

I want to talk today about the idea of fixing. For some reason we think that we need to fix everything in our lives.

This starts with ourselves, then all of those around us, and then bleeds over to the systems that govern our lives.

In the big picture this is hard wired in our brain because our brain is designed to solve problems in the most efficient way possible for us.

This really is a little sneaky function of our brains and is rooted in our survival instincts because in order to survive we need to be efficient and avoid danger.

Well, we used to need that in order to survive, but our world is quite a bit different now.

If we aren’t careful then we will short circuit our growth and especially those youngsters around us if we go about fixing everything in their lives.

Our overarching goal is to help all our students and especially our own children to grow into the best version of themselves by the end of their lives.

The practice of fixing everything for them drives the opposite result!

We sometimes try to cloak our own discomfort with the idea that we are trying to help them accelerate their growth by eliminating the barriers for them.

Unfortunately, when we remove the barriers the growth is way less likely to happen like we hope.

We have to become more intentional in creating growth opportunities by not fixing everything for those around us.

We also do this in ourselves by only doing the things we are most comfortable with in order to be “efficient.” “The path of least resistance really is the fastest” we argue, but we end up short circuiting the overall result by doing this.

Rather, we can intentionally see the parts that need fixing, lean into the problem and specifically go through and feel the hard things on purpose and be okay with the idea that the growth opportunities are endless if we are willing to power into them.

It is time to be better and stop fixing everything in our lives and the lives of our students. By allowing ourselves and those around us to grow our end results and our potential becomes so much higher.

Are you ready to lean into the discomfort?

I hope you know it is worth it and I’ve got you!

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