• Jordan

48. Pygmalion Effect in Education

I have spent a lot of time as a skeptic and I am realizing more and more that this really is not serving me well.

Of course we can choose anything we would like to believe but when I choose the skeptics road it is most often a defense mechanism to try and protect myself and does not serve me well in education or my personal life.

When we talk about the Pygmalion effect I am referring to the idea that what we choose to believe in others will affect the way they behave, which then has the potential to change the results in their lives.

When we start with a positive belief in those around us it really can help them to see the worth in themselves. When young people today struggle with self worth more than we can imagine, any attempt to build them can’t hurt too much.

Even if a student has less desirable qualities than we would hope, it does not hurt to believe that they are worth every bit as much as we are.

We are not really being delusional in our current view of them, we are just choosing to see the better part of them and ourselves rather than the deficient parts.

This starts to touch on the positivity work of Fredricksen and the power that comes from a positive mindset.

I really do believe that we need to push past neutrality once we are viewing ourselves and others in a positive light in order to really grow into our potential but it doesn’t hurt to have the support of the belief on the back end.

We have nothing to lose by believing the best in all of those around us, especially our students!

We need to always start with highly positive expectations as our ground zero rather than in the cynical fringe.

This will not only change our students but change us as well!

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