• Jordan

49. Are We Not All Leaders?

I have had a major problem with my mindset for a lot of my career and it is the idea that “I am just a teacher.”

Don’t get me wrong I love being a teacher, coach, and leader in education! But there has always been this sour taste about the idea of just being a teacher.

We are very limited in our scope when we think in patterns like this.

I think it is much more valuable to consider ourselves as leaders.

If you are working in education you are called to be a leader! While our roles and titles vary greatly you are still a leader and it is up to us to start looking at our lives through the lens of a leader!

Are you ready?

Are you up for the challenge that this new lens can give you?

This is not a power hungry, “I am in charge” kind of lens that I am talking about.

It is the weight that comes with the reality that you are very much called to lead all of those around you.

You carry a weight to lead the children, 5-18, towards a better life.

You carry a weight to be an example in your communities as a rock that families and others can rely on.

You carry a new weight about the possibilities to change peoples lives for the better or the worse.

We can’t really shrink from this calling and still be a great educator.

We are not trying to put everyone into a metaphorical box of robots but we have got to start owning up to our role in the bigger picture of society.

We’ve got this!

I’ve got you!

Come work with me this summer to make yourself the leader you were called to be!