• Jordan

50. Leaders Avoid "Shelf Help"Thinking

If you are in a leadership position of any kind in education then you have been inundated with theories and ideas and the latest research for longer than you can remember.

There is definitely no shortage of information when it comes to schools becoming better and how we should be changing things in education.

Chances are if you are a leader in education then you are also studying to make yourself better and your individual classroom, team, or school.

So if we have mountains of information available to us and we have the privilege of attending a multitude of conferences throughout our careers, then why do we struggle to change most of our practices?

Think about the last conference you attended, what did you learn?

What practices did you implement?

Which presentations did you attend?

What was the last book you read that really changed your way of thinking and acting?

What points of interest came up in your last professional development meetings?

Most in education can answer very few of the questions previously listed.

This is something we need to break out of!

In this age of over abundance of information we have to start learning to actually do something with the information we are given.

True leaders avoid “Shelf Help” thinking.

Rather, we analyze, make adjustments, and move forward with all of the amazing information we constantly receive!

If we could put into practice half of the ideas we learn about then real change could actually be sustained!

This is not an easy fix by any means because of the multitude of variables in any classroom, school, district, or system.

I get that every circumstance is different but the best leaders I have been around are always able to find something that can better their classroom, school, or district.

We have to be intentional about it though!

If you just expect it to happen then chalk one more line for the “shelf help” warriors.

Before you know it you’ll need a new bookshelf!

We need to be better leaders and start acting in accordance with the abundance of information.

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I will see you there!