• Jordan

51. Leaders Avoid Human Manuals

One of the most common traps I see in leadership is the idea that we create manuals for the people we work with.

The idea of creating a manual is just that we start to frame a person or the position they hold into a nice little owner’s manual of what we think they should be or what we think they should do.

When we create a manual of a person and decide what we think a person should or should not be, we are very limited in our ability to truly bring about the change we desire in those around us.

The best leaders avoid creating manuals about those we work with.

It’s time to start seeing people for who they truly are and can be rather than what we think they should be!

Most people really don’t like being manipulated into a box of any kind and that is exactly what we do when we create a manual about someone.

This is quite a bit different than a job description or the key results we are looking for in someone as they perform their job.

Most of the time the results we would like to have achieved are hopefully very clear and the same for an organization but the details about who a person is and how they should be as a person are separate from the company’s results.

There is a fine line between the way we treat someone to help accomplish a larger vision and manipulating every person into the manual we have created for them.

This concept often comes down to the way we allow autonomy in the workplace and in each teacher's lives while still holding high expectations of the quality of teaching.

I think this summer is a great time to start looking at your staff and see if you have created manuals for those you work with.

How have you dealt with those you oversee?

How do they feel about your evaluations and coaching?

How much have you allowed autonomy, while still correcting when necessary and maintaining high expectations?

Do you ever find yourself thinking those you work with should be a different person than they are?

It is time to start processing!

Take this summer to unpack where you really are and where you want to go in your life and career.

I am here for you and I can be the sounding board you need to take those next steps in your life’s journey!