• Jordan

52. Placing Expectations in Control of Our Emotions

When was the last time you had everything turn out exactly the way you expected it to?

Think about even a simple collaboration meeting or a faculty meeting that you entered with great expectations to really make the changes you hoped for.

For most of us we probably either haven’t ever had everything go exactly the way we hope, or we have learned to just enter situations with almost no expectations to avoid that possibility.

Regardless of whether we have had things meet our expectations or not the key is to make sure that we separate our feelings and emotions from these expectations.

See, almost everything we do is based on other people and we have virtually no control over other people and when we allow our emotions to be based on a preconceived expectation then we give up all of our power.

I really think we have a couple of options here in situations like this.

First of all, we need to start with way better expectations from the beginning.

I still remember an email tagline that read “no one rises from low expectations.”

This is all too often true.

We need to start with extremely high expectations but then also understand that where this ends up has nothing to do with our emotions.

Remember like always that our thoughts create our feelings and emotions, so if we are able to keep our expectations separate from our results then we will be much more clear about where those results come from as well.

If you notice patterns of being frustrated with those around you because of unmet expectations then you could use someone to help you unpack your thoughts.

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