• Jordan

53. The Role of Sleep in Renewal

We have a lot of amazing tools at our disposal in this amazing time of life.

By far though, your brain is the most valuable resource you will ever have at your disposal.

Bar none, game over, mic drop, etc.

Most people wouldn’t argue that fact on paper, but we treat our most valuable resource like crap too much of the time.

We feed it poor or inadequate fuel a lot of the time, we constantly beat it with our thoughts, and one of the most important ways we damage our brains is with poor sleep habits.

When we follow the best sleep patterns our brains are given time to physiologically renew.

Without geeking out on physiology, we really just need to understand that in our deepest sleep patterns is where our brains can clear the cobwebs, balance their chemicals, and get rid of all the waste that is produced in our normal physiological processes.

When we do not allow these normal renewal processes to happen the negative byproducts of these processes start to build up in our brains and bring everything in our lives down with it.

See, our brain is where every single thought is produced, decided upon, acted upon, or not.

When our brains are operating at such a minimal capacity we place handcuffs on our entire lives.

We wonder why we are feeling stuck all the time.

We wonder why brain fog is such an issue.

We wonder why we think the way we do and struggle to make habits stick.

We wonder why there is such a rise in depression, anxiety, and a myriad of brain disorders.

The short but complicated answer is that our brains are fried.

We need to start treating our most valuable resource like our most valuable asset in our lives!

One of the easiest places to start is our sleep patterns.

We have mountains to learn about sleep, but let's start with getting ourselves to bed and letting this renewal process start to work its magic.

If you are ready to take your life to the next level then you need renewal and better sleep patterns!

If you haven’t already then you need to come join in on our summer renewal series of webinars to learn more about total body and mind renewal!