• Jordan

54. Why Do Leaders Need to Justify?

Think about the last time you were in a situation where you started to justify your decision or behavior.

Maybe it was with a group of teachers or students. For many leaders in education we fall into this trap with parents all the time.

When those around us demand an answer from us we feel trapped in a corner and start to look for reasons outside of us for why things happened the way they did.

The trouble with this stance is if we are justifying then on some level we are trying to bring something back into alignment.

By default this means that something was out of alignment in the first place.

We really do agree, on some level, with the fact that something was off and we don’t want to own up to it, so we start justifying.

This is one of the worst aftertaste feelings in the world!

Once the dust settles we might feel justified and vindicated but nothing good has come out of this circumstance.

Might I suggest a different course of action?

Why don’t we just stop justifying altogether?

Of course it would be great if we never engaged in behavior that was out of alignment with our values, except we are all human.

So, if and when we do engage in poor behavior and we get the urge to start justifying, why don’t we start analyzing why instead.

Once we know why the urge is there we can address the root problem instead of trying to blow it off with justification.

We are going to need a healthy dose of courage to address the problem but we’ll never get to a real solution without addressing it.

I know we are all human, I know we all get frustrated with the system we are working in sometimes, and I know that it is way easier to just justify our way through life.

If you are really ready to take your life to the next level then come work with me and I can help you break out of this destructive pattern.

I’ve got your back on this roller coaster ride!