• Jordan

55. The Value of Emotional Intelligence

I want you all to think back to a time when you were a part of an emotionally charged meeting. Whether this was an extremely positive or negative meeting doesn’t matter, but think about what happened in the meeting once the emotional level raised.

Think about your personal actions once the feeling in the room changed.

How did you internally react?

Do you actually know how you were feeling and why?

I know on the personal side the concept of emotional intelligence has been one of the biggest struggles I have ever faced.

I understand on the cognitive level what emotions are and how they affect situations but actually understand what I am feeling and what thoughts are driving those emotions has been such a hard journey.

This process of understanding our own emotions is essential to being able to see how they might affect those around us.

As we start to understand our own emotions and others emotions we can start to see how our families, teams, and classes are affected by ours and everyone else’s emotions.

In order to really start to understand we have to be willing to actually feel the emotions that we feel in order to understand them better.

This means understanding how we tend to buffer when we don’t want to feel.

This means we have to understand how we react in the face of others' strong emotions.

This means we have to be able to communicate how we feel in a way that leads to growth and productivity for our teams and families instead of shutting down in the face of adversity.

This means we are going to have to be okay being uncomfortable a lot of our lives!

The most valuable thing you can do for your life and career is to increase your understanding of your own emotions and the emotions of those around you.

Increasing your emotional intelligence is the beginning of all future change if change is desired!

Are you ready for your life to change and be better?

Get rolling on your emotions and go sign up to work with me so we can process this time together!