• Jordan

56. Looking Collaborative vs. Actually "Being" Collaborative

We love the idea of collaboration in education!

There are mountains of books written and millions of dollars of time spent every year for teachers to collaborate together and bring about the necessary learning of our nations youth.

We have put so much into this idea and there is so much research supporting the idea that most of us are getting really good at this system.

The trouble I continue to see as I work with educators and myself is that true collaboration is a lot more of a personal thing that we realize.

Our willingness to analyze our thoughts and feelings about what it takes to create a shared culture of collaboration and then actually follow through with decisions to better the system is a really tough thing to accomplish.

We can be well meaning educators who go through every motion with our teams and schools but when it comes to us being willing to change what we are passionate about and go in a different direction for the betterment of the team, school, class, etc. it becomes a much tougher decision.

Education systems and families alike can get very good at looking collaborative without actually being collaborative.

When it comes to leading in your life, you will need to analyze and adjust your thoughts so you are willing to do what it takes to actually be collaborative, not just going through the motions.

We have to be willing to see the bigger picture if we really want to affect more lives of those around us.

We don’t get to focus on feeling picked on, left out, not getting our way, or taking the easy way out all the time.

It does not mean equally divided work, although that can be a benefit.

The best results from collaboration are more about the increase of ideas and different perspectives.

Collaboration might not even be more efficient. Sometimes it might be far less efficient.

True collaboration is hard work but the rewards can be great.

If you are struggling with your team, your school, or your family then come work with me and I can help you get to a better position and bring about the change you desire!