• Jordan

57. The Power of Keystone Habits

There are some foundational things that we can engage in to make our lives dramatically better. The process of a healthy and successful life does not have to be a mystery and only for those who are lucky or are unicorns!

Charles Duhigg, the habit expert, introduces an idea that is simple to understand but sometimes more difficult to to enact in our lives.

Sometimes there are things that simply matter more than other things.

When it comes to your habits this is definitely the case.

When one habit is the trigger and support of many other habits down the line they are called keystone habits, as named by Duhigg.

Your task is to identify what the keystone habits are in your life that are going to lead you to the life you desire!

In Duhigg’s work he even outlines several of these keystone habits that lead to a better life. These include things like exercising regularly, making your bed, writing down what you eat, planning your day, meditation, etc.

Things like this seem so simple but in the big picture they are helping you intentionally create the version of yourself and your life you really want.

This is so much better than just having life happen to you.

When it comes to becoming the personal leader you really need to be we need to find out what keystone habits are making or breaking your current life.

If you need help actually enacting these keystone habits then you need to come work with me!

I’ve got you on this one.