• Jordan

59. The Power of Stillness

Our world is becoming more and more numb to the idea of silence.

Everything we see and do is inundating us with distractions and competes for our attention. The more and more stimulated our brains become the less likely we are to see our lives for what they truly are and can be.

For most of us it has gotten to the point where we are extremely uncomfortable with silence and if we had to listen to our brains for more than a few seconds we immediately buffer with something so we don’t have to feel the discomfort.

An interesting paradox is that we are critical of our children and students when they want to be constantly stimulated but we as adults tend to be in the same mindset we just buffer in different ways.

Think about this for a minute with me.

I want you to stop everything you are doing and remove all of the distractions that we feel the need to be connected to.

Just listen to your own thoughts for a while.

See how long you are able to just sit and think.

Pay attention to the feelings that come, comfortable or not.

Do you feel the urge to grab your phone, go and do something productive, or find someone to talk to?

Where does your mind go in your thoughts?

What are those thoughts causing you to feel right now?

It is going to take some time to get used to your thoughts and the discomfort that comes with the silence but once you do you will gain the ability to focus on what you are really after in life and in your career.

This is the power that can come from being still, from meditation, from mindfulness!

This really helps to bring us back to neutral and restore our mental baseline.

From this more neutral position we are far better off to take action now and accomplish what we are really after without all the noise and distractions.

It is going to require you to work like crazy once you get there but it is totally worth the journey!

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