• Jordan

60. Redefining Your Why Throughout Life

It seems as though our world has taken an extreme hit lately and we need more than ever to figure out our deeper reasons for why we want to be engaged in education.

Time passes, circumstances change, roles change, but no matter what is going on in the world and our life it is absolutely necessary for you to continually redefine your deeper reasons why you do what you do in education.

When was the last time you thought about your why?

If it wasn’t today go do it now!

Go take the time to think about and reset your vision on why you still want to be engaged in education.

If your vision is cloudy or jaded from the past six months and you are struggling to want to show up in whatever our current education system looks like then you need to come work with me!

I can help you figure out on a deeper level what you want out of life.

I am passionate about the potential and possibilities in education but if you find that you want nothing to do with education then lets help you figure out something better for you!

You and everyone around you need more of you than just going through the motions because you need a job.

You can reconnect with a deeper more fulfilled purpose in your work, regardless of whether we are online or in person or on the moon.

This requires us to intentionally return to our why on a regular basis so we don’t lose track of where we are headed.

If you are floundering right now in your career, I’ve got you!

Come see how I can help at The Healthy Educator!