• Jordan

62. What Does a Growth Mindset Really Look Like?

We love the idea of a growth mindset when we teach our youth and staff in education, but do we really know what that looks like in ourselves?

Like so many other concepts we teach it becomes very easy to teach the information and even why we think it is valuable.

We can even see how our students and colleagues might need to adopt what we are teaching to make their lives better.

In the case of a growth mindset though, we often project the potential this really has for others while refusing to really accept what it can do for ourselves.

We really need to take a deep look into our thoughts, intentions and actions to see if we are handcuffing ourselves in our own lives with a fixed mindset.

What areas of your life are you really set in the way they currently are?

What hurdles or obstacles are you dealing with that you feel like you really can’t change?

What relationships in your life are struggling because you are not willing to really grow up and change, regardless of whether you feel justified or not?

What things in your career have you told yourself you really cannot do and are not going to be able to accomplish in this life?

What buttons are you really not willing to push with your supervisors in order to drive change for your students or your career, just because it is uncomfortable?

I imagine you have been able to come up with plenty if you answer these questions honestly.

If you feel like this is an area you could use some work then I have got you on this one!

See, we really can’t teach what we ourselves don’t believe and live!

My outside perspective of your life can really help you gain the clarity you need to actually practice a growth mindset in your life!

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