• Jordan

63. Character Tests in Education

I love the idea that we actually teach who we are to our students and colleagues through how we conduct ourselves in all of the little things.

You have probably heard me talk a lot about how we can’t really teach something that we are not.

We can pass along information but we really are not needed too much for information anymore in education.

Information is cheap and anyone can get all they need and more without us.

Those we interact with really need examples of what kind of people they aspire to be, not just the things we want them to know.

One of the best ways in which we can teach all of those around us is through our character.

Almost every day you will be faced with the simplest of decision points in education that ultimately shape, direct, and test your character.

So, how are you holding up?

Are you taking the shortcut in your preparations for students?

Are you stealing time from your employer with personal tasks?

Are you secretly bashing students and colleagues behind their back?

Do you agree to norms and tasks knowing full well you don’t intend to follow them?

Remember, it is always the little things.

I hope you are all aware that when you engage is sketchy behavior that those around you notice.

They notice and immediately the trust in that relationship is harmed.

Even if you are talking about someone or something else, now they know you would also talk about them negatively if given the opportunity.

So one more time, how are you doing with your character?