• Jordan

64. When Things Look Different Than We Had Planned

If there is anything consistent in our world right now it is inconsistency!

Even the best planners in the world are faced with a very different world right now than we ever could have imagined.

It is always our natural tendency to enter every situation we encounter with a certain set of expectations.

Sometimes this can be a very positive thing because we tend to show up as the version of ourselves we have set up in our mind a lot more than not.

This is where the idea of “no one rises from low expectations” comes from and is valuable.

The struggle comes when things do not go as planned and we are forced to change trajectory.

Some of us allow this to totally derail the circumstance.

This often leads to many more emotional struggles and issues causing a domino effect across our lives.

The key is really to plan on things going a little off course so we can react, pivot, and adjust into the unknown.

This process is served so much better by an increase in planning, not throwing out all expectations completely.

In my experience we are much better prepared to pivot and change direction with an increase in planning and looking for the growth opportunities rather than avoiding them.

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