• Jordan

66. Focusing on Your World to Change the World

I remember working with a wise old man who gave me the great advice that in order to truly change the world I first had to change my world.

I probably was appreciative but didn’t really understand the magnitude of what he was telling me.

The whole world is obsessed lately with changing how our world works.

The only real way for this to happen is for each and every person to maintain the focus necessary to change their world.

The massively focused approach on things we can actually control will allow our minds and systems in which we reside to truly change!

See, most of us are very good at seeing all of the things outside of our control and wanting them to change and be better but they are too far outside our reach.

If we could get each person to harness this focus of all the things they can actually control then and only then can we get education, our lives, and ultimately the rest of the world to change.

We also are much more effective at changing ourselves and allowing others to follow suit when they are ready than we ever will be trying to change others to fit our mold.

The fringe benefit of focusing on the things we can truly control is that now the world of our mind starts to really change and we see things differently.

So before you know it, we actually have changed the world!

Come join us on this journey at The Healthy Educator!

Together we can learn to focus on the things over which we have control and bring about that change everyone is so desperately seeking!