• Jordan

A Fresh Look on Perspective

I was working with a great therapist and he has this great line about how when we never get our thoughts and struggles out of our heads we become our own therapist.

When we stuff or keep our thoughts to ourselves we automatically become our own therapist and we suck at it!

We really struggle to always see ourselves as we really are. Our internal perspective is valuable but often short sighted.

If we find ourselves really struggling then one of our go to resources should be finding an outside perspective to make sure we aren’t clouded.

There is something to say about making sure this outside perspective is someone you can trust and actually could have a framework to understand yours.

It seems like we always have a well meaning neighbor or brother-in-law that always knows everything about everything and they will be so quick to offer you advice on everything.

We always need to process anyone’s coaching through our logical lens but understand that their view allows them to see something that we can’t always see.

I have started to realize that we really struggle in education to accept coaching for ourselves.

We have been conditioned to always know the answer and always be in charge because that is what teachers are suppose to be.

This is not only a problem in the classroom but when it comes to becoming the best version of ourselves we are “suppose” to have the answers and in reality we don’t always have the answer.

Whether you are willing to pay for a life coach like myself, or whether you like the principle of using a mentor to help you, you really are benefited by having an outside perspective.

We all need a fresh look at our lives what we are doing.

The real power in collaboration comes from these principles.

I love Micheal Fullan’s idea that collaboration is about the collective building of our potentials and not just about creating a fun and safe place to be.

Go find yourself a great outside perspective!

Come sign up for coaching from me or at least come chat with me in a mini session. I care about you and want you to become the best version of yourself!