• Jordan

Back Into Our Choices

One of my favorite processes when it comes to building a great life is the process of backwards design.

I have some favorite quotes in reference to this idea but this is the process of backing into our choices intentionally rather than having our minds focused in the past as we make choices.

We need to take a step back everyday and align our actions with our end game and deeper purpose.

This will have to be an intentional reflection or it is too easy to let it slip.

Remember to build backwards with the end constantly in view so we can stay on the path!

Our focus is still on what is in front of us, just like when you focus a camera, but the end game is always in the background, but in alignment with our focus.

Stephen Covey’s idea reflects this process when he wrote about “beginning with the end in mind.”

One of my favorite quotes on this subject is this,

“The clearer the destination becomes, the clearer the path to walk becomes.”

I haven’t been able to track down the author but the principle is so profound.

I can help people walk the path to a better life but the clarity of the end goal and the path are going to have to be realized beforehand as much as possible.

I know our lives are going to have twists and turns, unexpected events, life challenges and so many other hiccups, but the closer we can define what we are actually shooting for the better off we will be on our journey.

Once we are able to define this end goal we can connect it to our deeper purpose and the dots of our life really start to connect.

This connects our "why" to our end goal and we begin to better understand the "what" and the "how" of our lives as well.

This process is much harder to do looking down, rather than up towards the end.

If our vision is looking down or backwards rather than forward to our goal and our why then the slightest change of direction or barrier will cause us to slip into misalignment or the haze of life.

We have to intentionally make this connection at very strategic intervals in our planning.

It’s just too easy to lose sight of our destination start drifting if we don’t plan this into our lives.