• Jordan

Choosing First Things First

Everyday we are faced with mountains of decisions. These range from ultra mundane to quite important when it comes to how we react in our relationships.

Most current psychology would tell us that our brains have a very defined amount of decision making ability throughout a given day or time period.

When we have used most of our mental and emotional energy up we start to operate from a place of decision debt.

We are in the drained state we really start to struggle with our most appropriate decisions.

What seem like easy decisions now carry an extraordinary weight because we simply don’t have the mental and emotional fuel necessary to make the best decisions.

Now our lives are a little bit of a crap shoot.

This becomes very apparent when we are making decisions about what we eat.

Most of us tend to make poorer decisions about our food late at night or right after stressful circumstances in our lives.

Our brains just don’t have the fuel necessary to focus on a higher level cognitively. If we haven’t managed our lives well enough before we tackle the day then our afternoon to evening time frame becomes a scary place nutritionally.

On the surface there is an easy fix.

We simply need to make as many important decisions when are operating from a place of high mental and emotional energy.

Making sure we are in our best state of mind when making important decisions will ensure we have our higher level cognitive tasks available to us. This means we have got to make our food decisions, for the most part, before we ever are faced with the decision.

This is going to require a higher level of planning for most of us!

We really need to decide that we matter enough to make the time to plan way before we are placed in decision debt mentality.

If needed we can really try to track our decisions for a day and see how aware of our choices we really have been. It might surprise us what we are willing to do when we are tired or stressed.

Commit now to a whole new level of planning in your life for your food choices.

Decide that you matter enough to make your nutrition one of the most important decisions you have to make each day!

Come work with me at The Healthy Educator to get started on your plan and we can get you to the best version of the new you!