• Jordan

Connecting our Teaching to a Deeper Purpose

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

As educators we get comfortable teaching the same lessons or topics year after year and this experience can be a great thing as we refine our teaching and those lessons get better and better each time. We tend to keep our focus on whether the students have mastered the content and whether the information we give them has transferred enough to help them score well on the assessments we give them. If we get students to master the content we are considered successful and our teaching was a success!

Or was it?

While the situation described previously is usually our measure of success, what if that is not what the students needed at all?

What if our role really was to actually make the students better people, and not just better at repeating information?

What if we actually shifted our role beyond that of informant and assessor, to a leader?

What if we saw ourselves and our students as individuals who all have unique needs, dreams, passions, desires, interests?

What if we saw our “home” self as the same person who has been called to lead all these awesome young people to become the best version of themselves because we are working feverishly right alongside them to accomplish the same in ourselves?

If we truly desire to take our teaching to a new level and be the change leaders we desire then we must find a way to connect our teaching everyday to a deeper purpose!

In order to connect our teaching to a deeper purpose, we must first see ourselves and those we teach in a different light. Our purpose is not only to impart information but to actually make ourselves and those around us better people.

In order to help someone be better we must see them as people, not objects.

We cannot teach something that we aren’t, and if we want to teach the youth to be awesome people, then it demands that we are awesome people as well!

The good news is you are already awesome and can continue to work towards becoming an even better version of yourself everyday. I am here to help you on your journey!

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