• Jordan

2. Consistency and Intensity

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of people on their health journey. Everyone seems to be a little different place in their lives and we are all very different people. The one thing I have seen across the board is almost all people struggle with consistency in adopting healthy behaviors.

The world of education is not immune to these same struggles. In some ways adopting new way so thinking, feeling, and behaving can be more difficult in the world of education.

One thing I have noticed in myself is how difficult it can be to create new systems that allow us to maintain consistency across our thoughts and behaviors. Once we hit the school year and classroom it is so easy to give in to the intensity of our circumstance and do things the same way we always have.

The intensity with which we tackle life must match our ability to maintain consistency in the approach. Be careful not to allow our intensity to rob of us consistency!

This can happen just with the pace of the school day and year, but also when we try to tackle too many changes at once we end up giving in to the intensity.

Our minds can only maintain a certain level of intensity without demanding a break. This break will happen by design, by us, or by our brain’s default which undermines our growth and progress.

We must learn how to maintain consistency in order to be successful in our lives, thus affecting our students. In order to maintain consistency we need to manage the intensity in our lives appropriately.

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