• Jordan

Fitting in Exercise

As I have worked with people over the years the biggest struggle I always see when it comes to exercising is the time constraints in our lives.

There is a prevailing idea that we are just so busy and there are too many things to worry about exercising.

For my thoughts about being busy check out my previous blog and podcast on Badges of Busyness.

If you are struggling to fit in exercise then it is time to re-examine your priorities and create the time to take care of yourself.

Most often this means getting to bed earlier and getting up earlier. You might even have to stop telling your brain you aren’t a morning person!

Ultimately this issue really comes down to priorities.

Every person has the same amount of time and we just get to choose what we do with it. Most of us are notorious for taking on too much and choosing to buffer with all sorts of other things that don’t serve us well.

This buffering might be Netflix, ESPN, work, or anything else we choose to engage in instead of feeling the struggle of exercising.

There is a wall that raises when it comes to getting moving and starting the exercise session.

I have felt this so many times myself and it can be hard!

Don’t give in and buffer when you are facing this wall, I beg of you!

I have seen individuals that weren’t engaging in buffering a lot but they have filled virtually every minute of their lives with family events, activities with kids, work, community work, and on and on.

Most of these items are great things to be engaged in but if we aren’t careful we don’t carve out time for exercise or anything else to take care of ourselves.

If you find yourself in this situation I suggest you examine your life priorities and start creating the life you really want for yourself.

If you don’t do this you will find yourself struggling with disease, body issues, more mental and emotional disorders, and so many other problems.

Another argument I hear a lot is that people aren’t morning people.

There is a little bit to this idea when it comes to an individual's chronotype, but almost always this is our brain telling ourselves that we are not a morning person.

Our body has the amazing ability to adapt if we are willing to stay consistent.

As always, we can change these thoughts!

You do not need to stay in this thought pattern!

For the most part with adults it means we are going to have to get up early to engage in consistent exercise.

This also means we have to get to bed so we can maintain the early rising behavior over the long term.

This is quite possibly the biggest barrier I have encountered when it comes to long term success with exercise habits. So many of us are just not willing to get to bed.

Enough with the excuses about why you can’t make exercise a part of your life!

I am here to help you be awesome!

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