• Jordan

Habits, Systems, and Distractions

Throughout our lives we are often finding ourselves needing to instill new habits and desire to make ourselves better. Sometimes we get really motivated to make a change and start to make exercise a part of our lives or we promise to begin eating healthier. We commit to always being on time, etc.

All of these habits are a great idea but maintaining healthy habits is something most in the world really struggle with.

We often fail to form new habits because we haven’t built the systems we need to make the new habit the easiest course of action.

Look at your barriers and distractions before you embark on the journey so you can eliminate the decision in the moment.

The new healthy habit needs to be replacing the one you want to eliminate, not adding to it!

The way I think about habit formation is not all that complicated. Most people I have worked with really just want to increase their motivation and think this will be the magic bullet to positive new habits.

The reality though is that motivation is fleeting!

The energy from motivation is just the startup fuel in our lives.

If we choose to see motivation in this light we understand that there is a lot more to the equation.

Before we begin on the journey to new habit formation we can plan to use the motivation energy to see the barriers and possible distractions that are bound to come up for us.

Most of us really know what is going to curtail our efforts to start new habits.

We have tried so many times to do new things that it becomes ingrained in us why we are going to fail!

If we can learn to analyze what might become a barrier then we can start to build systems and routines around this reality.

If we build our systems to bypass or jump over our barriers then it pretty quickly becomes the easiest course of action.

The better and better we get with this process our success in new habits is almost an inevitability!

Pretty amazing huh?

One other important point to address is a great idea coined by Tom Ziglar from the Ziglar organization.

The idea is that “the fastest way to a new habit is to replace an old one.”

This allows us to use the already defined cues and systems our brain is wired for and create a new product or result in our lives.

This is such an amazing principle but it requires a new level of understanding about why we engage in our habits in the first place.

The potential is high so we better get chasing the best version of ourselves by instilling some new amazing habits!

I am excited to see what you come up with in your lives!

I am here to help you on your journey, come see me at The Healthy Educator!