• Jordan

Implications of Long Term Stress

In the past few posts we talked about stress and how we can identify and manage our stress in our life. This is a tough process to zone in on for ourselves but one that is absolutely necessary for our future selves.

If we don’t learn to manage our thoughts and in turn decrease our stress in life then it is calculated to take us to a wide range of health problems for ourselves throughout our lives.

Remember you have full control of your thoughts!

If we don’t make the choice to learn to manage our thoughts our mind and body will eventually break.

We are not able to stay in a high stress state without all of the negative consequences.

Our mind starts to lose its ability to remember important things in our lives and show our true emotions. Our ability to control our emotions and stay in a stable mental state is compromised very quickly!

Our heart stays in a higher stressed state as well. This high stress state leads to a higher incidence of heart disease.

Our body is pretty constantly producing cortisol leading to more stored body fat and less control of our body systems.

Our relationships start to suffer because we become permanently short tempered with those around us.

We start to see everything in a negative light and start justifying negative behaviors because of the stress we are constantly under all the time.

Eventually our mind will start to create an alternate space for us to escape to in an attempt at self preservation.

This alternate space separates us from the most meaningful relationships of our lives and leads to broken marriages, fractured families, stale and burned out careers!

Every marriage, family, or company failure is always preceded by a leadership failure of the primary leaders involved.

We must find a way to manage our thoughts in the beginning to mitigate the amount of constant pressure we find ourselves under to fulfill our life’s dreams!

If we don’t learn to manage ourselves then life is calculated to lead us into broken paths.

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Whatever you need to do, go do it, but don’t just let it slide and suffer the consequence. I will see you on the inside!