• Jordan

It's Time to Get Real

We have this tendency as educators to keep our lives outside of school completely separate from our school lives. There are some valid reasons why we try to do this but it really brings about an interesting dynamic.

The kids we teach are very much able to track how we really are doing when it comes to our lives as humans. When we undertake to cover our real lives outside of school the students can track that we are putting on a show and we aren’t real with them.

As soon as we as humans know those around us are not real we are not going to connect with them. We automatically turn off if we feel that sense of the other being fake.

As educators we have got to be able to connect with our students if we have any hope of really making a difference.

This also means we need to find a way to connect our lives outside of school to our lives inside of school.

We need to find a way to just be the best version of ourselves regardless of where we are.

Your students and colleagues need to know you are a real person! Find a way to connect your life outside of school to those around you. This promotes a healthy balance for you and those around you are able to see you more as a person rather than an object!

When we start to see others as objects instead of real people with their own thoughts, feelings, and in this case, their own lives, we treat them differently and refuse to connect.

It is very easy to not learn from someone who we think is an object.

It is also very easy to learn from someone who we see as a valuable and connected person invested in our welfare.

This concept of bringing our whole selves into more public relationships is a very vulnerable place to be.

Most of us humans are not great at being vulnerable and might even argue in education that we don’t want all of our personal lives known by our students.

Brene Brown, when teaching about vulnerability, said true vulnerability is not about the amount of disclosure but is about the amount of courage it takes to share themselves.

This is very true when it comes to education and our connection to our students.

It’s time to be courageous and start being real people with our students!

We don’t have to share every detail of our lives, but we have got to connect and be real.

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