• Jordan

Living Life on Purpose

Your life needs to be lived on purpose, not by default.

If you have a deep, direct purpose each day as an educator your life and your students lives will find their own deep purpose.

If you aren’t currently, you need to start living your life on purpose!

This is going to require a higher level of clarity in your planning and approach each and every day.

I have found in education it is very easy to get pulled into the fast paced life of your school, your district, your family and you are controlled by all of the systems outside of yourself.

The better you get at your job the more responsibilities are piled on your plate.

Each new program, initiative, or external agenda is now in control of your time more than ever.

Sometimes these new items can be a great benefit to you and your school.

Maybe it is the best thing since sliced bread after all, but on the flip side of this next best thing is your choices being made for you rather than by you.

It is time to start being truly intentional about your life as an educator. You really can have an amazing life but it has to be intentionally created.

The pull of the rest of life becomes an almost inescapable vacuum.

Micheal Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy call this pull in our lives “the drift.” This drift can take our lives to places we never intended it to go.

If we aren’t careful we become the jaded veteran teacher who is resistant to all change not only at school but in our life outside of school as well.

Our relationships suffer with our family, our students, and our colleagues.

I suggest we take a step back and look at how we see ourselves in our lives.

We need to return to our deeper purpose in education and our lives.

We need to make sure our actions in our career are aligning with our life plan.

If we find ourselves needing to realign then decide whether being in education is really right for you.

Just because we have put years of work into our career does not justify the rest of our lives being lived in the drift.

Make sure you still love it.

Make sure you still love the students.

Most importantly, make sure this career is bringing out the best version of yourself, not the worst.

If you are needing help to find that passion again because you truly want to stay in education, you need to work with me.

If you are done with education then go find your passion, no judgement here.

It’s just not worth your life and the lives of your students to give anything less than your best.

I look forward to helping you on your journey!