• Jordan

Our Thoughts About Stress

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

In our last post we talked about recognizing when our body enters the stress response and then identifying what was happening just before so that we can address the root cause.

Once we have correctly identified what is actually causing us stress we start to realize that almost all stress is self imposed!

Our thoughts are causing all of the stressful feelings in the first place.

Once we realize this we can set off to work on those thoughts, mitigating the root cause of most of the stress in our lives!

A helpful place to begin is with Brooke Castillo’s thought model to understand how our brain really works and how much control we have over our outcomes.

In the CTFAR model it lays out the following:

Circumstances can trigger

Thoughts which cause

Feelings which cause

Actions which drive our

Results which

Lead to more thoughts and continue the cycle.

The key very quickly becomes the task of learning that our thoughts are so powerful we have the choice to continue to cause stress for ourselves or not!

We start to see that the way we look at the stress can either continue the cycle in a negative way or we can change the thoughts if needed.

Our thoughts about the stress in the first place could simply choose whether its a negative experience or a positive growth experience.

This is the most important idea you as an educator can wrap your mind around!

If your thoughts about a stressful experience can be shifted to see it differently then we actually learn and grow rather than being weighed down by the experience.

Our brain will actually change the way we see ourselves and our students when we learn to change our perception of the stress response.

We stop buffering the stress response and start welcoming it to learn from it.

Our body is able to mitigate a lot of the physical implications that come with a negative stress response because those experiences will begin to happen so rarely if we truly understand what we are doing with our thoughts!

Let's start managing our thoughts about stress so that your life and work can be an amazing learning experience instead of a constant barrage of stress!

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