• Jordan

Professional vs. Personal Goals

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

I have heard many educators talk about keeping their home life separate from their school life in order to maintain some semblance of professionalism. On the surface this sounds great, but in reality we really are not able to compartmentalize in this way.

Our real self will shine through for the good or the bad.

If our family or home life is struggling then our thoughts and behaviors at school will always be affected by this reality. We are all just people striving to help other people become better people and we are not able hide portions of ourselves and make this goal of changing others a reality.

One of the best ways to keep this balanced reality to set equally rigorous goals in our family and personal life.

As educators we have a great need to make sure our life is going well outside of school. We should have just as many personal and family goals as we do professional and financial goals.

When we place just as much or more value upon our personal and family life as we do our work and professional life we will begin to see all areas of our life enhanced.

The better version of our whole selves we create the better all areas of our life become!

As educators, it's time to become better.

It's time to be the awesome individuals we want our students to be.

We need to take a large scale look at ourselves and see which areas of our life need improvement and take the next steps to improve them.

Set goals, plan to achieve them, carry out your plan, make adjustments and go again!

I am here to help you along your journey! Stay connected at The Healthy Educator for great resources to help you become the best version of yourself!