• Jordan

Reconnecting to our "Why"

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

In an earlier blog post we talked about you searching for why you really are an educator. The concept of beginning with why was coined several years ago by Simon Sinek and has been put into application in thousands of situations since.

There is no place more relevant than our roles as educators!

We must find a way to shift our daily focus to “why” we are doing what we are doing instead of constantly being focused on the how or what we are doing all the time.

There is definitely a place for the how and what of our job as educators, but this cannot be our primary focus each day. If you wish for your career to be sheer drudgery then focus solely on the how or what we do each day.

This misguided focus will lead to superficial relationships and an easier job, but ultimately is hollow in its approach.

If you find yourself on the road to burnout or mired deep in the burnout trough then it’s time to get back to your why.

One of the first steps to you reigniting your desire to teach is finding a way to reconnect with your “why.” It is imperative that you find a way to reconnect to this deeper purpose on a daily basis or you will soon find yourself headed straight for burnout!

I wish I didn’t have to witness the decline but I have seen tough class periods turn into tough days, turn into tough weeks, tough months, tough semesters, tough years, and ultimately tough careers.

This is quite sad from a bird’s eye view but is all too common and easy to fall into.

We fail to see the joy and purpose in what we do.

We get caught up in all the “stuff” and the “game” of school until all of the pleasure is sucked right out of our daily routine.

This reconnection point needs to be an intentional act for it to build the momentum and consistency required to keep up with the best version of ourselves.

This means we have to actually look for “why” moments each day!

Set a timer, start a journal, record voice memos, or any other way to record and intentionally connect to these why moments on a daily basis in order to build the career you always dreamed of!

I am here for you on your journey, stay connected at The Healthy Educator for great resources to help you along the way.