• Jordan

Scheduling our Priorities

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Our lives as people in general and especially as teachers are overfilled with tasks to complete, people to help, things to learn, and just so much stuff it about drives us crazy!

Most of this craziness is brought on by ourselves and our lack of clarity in regards to time management. Understanding that this lies in our control is huge in creating a successful life for ourselves.

When it comes to prioritizing your schedule I suggest you always follow Stephen Covey’s advice and “don’t prioritize your schedule but schedule your priorities.”

You will never “find” extra time if you allow others to dictate your schedule. Your life’s biggest priorities deserve blocked time on your calendar that are not negotiable.

First you must define your values and priorities. Once you have defined your values you should be able to place your priorities into appointments on your calendar.

All other appointments should work around these priorities and not the other way around!

Another valuable principle is the idea of Brooke Castillo’s that one of the best ways to save time is to fail! In doing this we begin to create our time pockets rather than our time controlling us!

As educators we need to stop being at the whim of everything else around us and begin taking control of your time by scheduling your priorities as non negotiable appointments. Good luck in your work and remember to stay connected at The Healthy Educator to see new resources to help you become the best version of yourself!