• Jordan

Systems, Systems and more Systems

I want each of you to think of your first day of school each year and how important that first day is for establishing the culture, expectations and systems you want to be in place for your class.

We immediately put routines, rituals, or what I like to call systems into place so that we can actually maintain sanity in our roles as educators.

Whether the students admit it or not they really thrive in this culture of structure and routine. The more clear we are with our students about the systems we have in place the better they are going to learn and the more success we will find with our teaching.

It’s crazy how intentional some educators can be in their classrooms and their school year and then fail to apply the same principles to their personal and family lives.

This is by far one of the most important principles I can teach someone on their health and wellness journeys.

We have to learn how to put systems and routines into place in the most desirable way to get the results we want.

We also have to be courageous enough to stick to the systems we create.

I always wonder about the person who buys the most amazing system or routine and then doesn’t follow it and wonders why it didn’t work?

What good is a ritual, routine, or system if you fail to live it?

We love to have everything in our lives look great on paper and fill our calendars with endless activities and tasks to keep us perpetually busy without getting anywhere!

Enough with the hamster wheel mentality!

I think many times this happens because we really haven’t created the best system for ourselves.

We tend to want to copy everything from others and then try to fit it into our lives.

This amounts to nothing more than pounding a square peg into a round whole.

We need to rely more on the principle of systems and routines with our own habits and desires and circumstances.

Then we place these into personally designed systems in order for this to really work to our advantage.

So what does this really look like in our day to day lives?

I love the idea of morning, evening, work start up, shutdown, and other natural based systems in our lives. Micheal Hyatt calls them rituals, but the principle is still the same.

We need to delineate out exactly what we need to do in order to be the most successful in virtually every phase and task of our day. This seems like overkill sometimes but in my experience it is much more easy to adjust a very structured routine to fit unplanned for events than it is to try and tackle everything we encounter in the moment.

We really don’t have as much unpredictability in our lives as we try to think. Almost all things could have been seen long beforehand with proper planning and vision.

Our choices and whether we choose to follow the correct systems help us to calculate the real direction in our lives.

I think it’s time to be better!

It’s time to put into place the systems you need in your life to be successful in every area.

It’s time to act with courage and live up to our own high expectations or fix our low expectations of ourselves.

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