• Jordan

Take Control of Your Phone

I often joke with those around me about how much the kids I teach are attached to their phones all the time.

We could debate until we are blue in the face about the role of cell phones in the classroom, but today I want to talk about how much your phone is taking control of your life and either helping or preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself.

I have seen some pretty messy phones and I have also seen more adults tied to their phones that teenagers.

One troubling thing is how we as adults think that because we are adults we can do whatever we like and it won’t affect us like it does the kids we teach.

In some ways this is a major act of self deception and is killing our careers and our ability to show up in our families as well.

I want to address the idea of a messy and unorganized phone.

When you pick up your phone your mind is most often over run with the stimulation of app icons and bubbles galore as your notifications are popping up all over the screen.

If you really want to increase your productivity then we need to take some of the steps we talked about in our last post about our computer and digital distraction.

I strongly recommend that most notifications are turned off and you organize your phone in a way that you are not distracted trying to find your most common apps.

Don’t be afraid to use the folder feature and group like apps together and only have your home screen apps visible when you phone wakes up.

If you have turned off bubble notifications then you won’t have the tendency to head into apps that you didn’t purposefully get on your phone for in the first place.

One way to tend to teach teens when it comes to our phone behavior is to encourage them to only look at their phone with a specific purpose in mind.

This also goes for their smart watches as well.

Just looking at our watch and phone because we want a distraction is not a wise choice.

This only feeds our habit loop towards something less desirable.

When we use our phone for a productivity tool rather than an entertainment tool we can maximize our time much better.