• Jordan

The Badge of Busyness

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

One of the most common responses to life’s great question, “how are you doing?” is something to do with how busy we all are. We all seem to have more to do than there is time in our lives. The pendulum has swung to the point that we tend to wear busyness as a badge of honor. This is not a badge we should to be honoring! Rather, this is a sign that we lack clarity about our life’s direction. It is time we swing the pendulum back in the direction of doing the right things instead of more things.

We are all going to have seasons of life which are more busy than others but there has to be some common sense in all of this. We have a tendency to over commit and under perform in most areas of our lives. In education this couldn’t be more true!

Many of us really struggle to say no as the requests are piled upon us by students, administrators, and colleagues. I really like the often said advice about most requests being an automatic no until further review.

I have also noticed in education that we have a tendency to create a lot of extra work for ourselves. We need to stop and process the time it will take to grade certain types of assignments, whether our class procedures actually save time or take time, etc. Just because something is new and shiny does not always make it better. I often tell teachers that efficiency does not equal effectiveness, so be careful!

Our lives in education really need a reset to allow us to redirect our clarity back to what is most important for ourselves and our students. Most of the time this redirect will require us to cut, take away, and simplify, not add to our time requirements!

No more badges of busyness please, not in education. Rather we should shoot for clear, focused, meaningful work! Stay connected to us here at The Healthy Educator for useful teacher life tips, courses, and resources to help you be the best version of yourselves!